Bipolar Disorder Case Study

You are the nurse assigned to care for Mr. P, a 30-year-old male with bipolar disorder. He is currently hospitalized due to nonadherence to the plan of care, including medications, and suicidal ideation. Mr. P clearly does not want to be hospitalized, and he is often hostile and agitated.

·      How do you think Mr. P feels? Why do you think he feels this way? How do you know this?

·      How do you feel about Mr. P? Why do you feel the way that you feel? What prior life events could have contributed to your feelings?

·      Do you think that you can provide effective therapeutic care to Mr. P? Why or why not?

·      Why is therapeutic nursing care so critical to Mr. P’s recovery at this time? How do you know this?

·      How does your care of Mr. P relate to health care ethics?

·      What would you do if you noticed other caregivers treating Mr. P in a nontherapeutic way?

·      Would you intervene?

·      What would be the consequences of your decision for you as the nurse?

·      What would be the consequences of your decision for the client?

Example Bipolar Disorder Case Study Questions & Answers

Russell has been diagnosed as having both bipolar disorder AND a substance abuse disorder. russell’s case illustrates:

Answer: Cormobidity

This is because there is the presence of multiple conditions that are present in one body. Comorbidities usually last a long time or are chronic. They could or might not interact.

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