B760 Mental Health Nursing


Analysing the role of assessment in planning nursing care for a client that requires mental health interventions.

Using the given scenario discuss the importance of assessment highlighting the key contextual elements and process of mental health assessment that ensure a quality, holistic and individualised approach to care.

Provide a rationale for the prioritisation of care highlighting the key factors that ensure holistic provision.

Using relevant literature, critically analyse the role of the nurse in the assessment process, making relevant links to practice in understanding the needs of the person and their family. 

Critically reflect upon your analysis and discuss how it may be used to enhance the assessment process. 


Tom is a 64-year-old who retired from BT 2 years ago.  He was an engineer who worked exclusively on repairing and maintaining telegraph poles in Northumberland.  He is married to Liz and they recently celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary.  They have no children.

Tom has been referred to you following an assessment from the Crisis Intervention Service.  He had recently taken an overdose of citalopram which had been prescribed by his GP.  His PHQ9 score was 19 and his GAD score was 14.

He states he was overwhelmed by recent events, retirement, the death of his work colleague, and recent issues with his right knee which has made working as a part time delivery man for a supermarket more difficult.

He describes himself as a proud man, particularly of his working-class roots, and is somewhat traditional in his views believing he needs to be strong and the man’s role is to be the provider through hard work.  He is ex-army and is passionate about the need to adapt, overcome and survive, you don’t give in you get on.

He has been referred to you as the Crisis Team believe his mental health issues can be managed at home.  Tom states he has no intention of killing himself and is embarrassed by having previously given into those thoughts and letting everyone down.

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