B721 Nursing


Question 1
Identify and apply an appropriate professional, legal or ethical framework to critical discuss how you address the issues of responsibility and accountability as a nurse caring for Joe. 
(Q1 Safe Effective Person Centred Care
Define Person Centred Care
Definition of accountability and responsibility
Definition of legal & ethical four principles NMC code 2015 (4Ps)Legal
Health and Social Care Act 2012 work Laws 
Equality Act consent & confidentiality 

Question 2:
a)present a critical discussion of the pathophysiology of Asthma, looking at the normal and altered pathophysiology.
Definition of Respiratory System; Normal VS Abnormal
Their Symptoms
Defferential  diagnosis 
A topic VS non Atopic
Occupational Asthma

b)Critically discuss a psychosocial factor that may impact on Joe.
Psychosocial Factor
Occupation < sick zero hours
Language barrier
Immigration – support network
Smoking- Health impact
Cultural acceptability of smoking in France

Question 3:
a)Identify and critically discuss the clinical reasoning and systematic assesement process within person centred care with reference to the scenario.
b)Choose one relevant issue that is presented in the scenario to critically examine how you would deliver safe and effective care.
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