ANP5002 Immunisation Nursing


Assessment: Patient Education Project

This assessment aims to empower you with the confidence to deliver patient education tools and communication skills through the application of the knowledge gained in Themes 1 and 2 .


Design a poster to promote immunisation coverage rates. In your submission, provide the following:

1. An image of the poster you have designed.
2. An evidence-based script based on the poster, that you would use to promote immunisation coverage rates. The script must also be relevant to your professional scope of practice (Maximum 750 words).
3. All projects are to be supported by a referenced reflective paper using Rolfe’s reflective model (Maximum 1000 words). The reflective paper should:
  • Identify the target audience and where the poster will be displayed
  • Refer to the three questions posed by Rolfe’s model being ‘what’, a description of the project including poster design and delivery method for script and, So ‘what’, an analysis of the project including expected outcomes for people in your practice and ‘what’ next, what you have learned and the implications for future practice.
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