92440 Evidence For Nursing


Part 1: General content questions

 1.Why is it important to use shortsearch terms in database search instead of long descriptive sentences?
2.Why is it important to use specificsearch terms in database search instead of broad search terms
3.Describe the relationship between the two frameworks that underpin this subject: Tanner’s Model of Clinical Judgement and Evidence Based Practice?
4.Describe the purpose of a systematic review compared to a single randomised controlled trial?

Part 2: Research methodology and results

5.What is the benefit of using randomised control trail study design in this study?
6.What are the study’s primary and secondary outcomes?
7.How did the researchers assess pain? 
8.Has the study used an adequate sample size? 
9.What important baseline differences between intervention and control group participants exist that may affect the study results? 
10: how is the patients’ lack of blindness to their group allocation likely to affect the study results ?    
11.Was chewing gum effective in reducing length of hospital stay in this study?
12.Authors report that the median time to first bowel motion (TBM) was 50 hours in the chewing gum group? What does this mean to you?
13.Authors found that the median time to first bowel motion (TBM) was 50 hours in the chewing gum group with 95% CI 45.2-54.8. What does this confidence interval tell to you?
14.Looking at Table 3, did chewing gum reduce the need for morphine equivalents for the total 7 days post-surgery in the intervention group? (Hint: compare the mean required morphine for the chewing gum group with the mean required morphine for the non-chewing gum group, see the reported p value).15.Would you consider using chewing gum for your patients post bowel surgery?

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92440 Evidence For Nursing
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Part 3: Implementation of EBP

16.What are some of the barriers to implementing new research findings into clinical practice?
17.Reflecting on your learning experience in this subject, how the subject help prepare you for your role as a junior clinician? 
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