4691 Bachelor Of Nursing


Case Study:

Mrs Jean Bailey is a 76-year-old lady who has been admitted to the surgical ward post operatively following a left total hip replacement (THR). She has a long-standing history of Osteoarthritis.  She is retired and lives with her husband in a two-storey house.

She is 160cm in height and weighs 45 kg. On return to the ward from theatre her vital signs are: BP 108/59, T 37. 2  P99, R 18, O2 sat – 96% RA. Pain Score 5/10. She has an indwelling catheter insitu and has drained 100 mls of clear urine since return; IV (Peripheral) N/Saline 0.9% infusing in left hand at 100 ml/hr, wound dressing is intact with no drainage on the dressing, but haemovac with 30 mls of haemoserous drainage. O2 running at 2 l/minute via nasal prongs. GCS is 14 she is orientated to time person and place.

Review the case study and complete the following:

Identify and explain the specific risk factors for post-operative complications for Mrs Bailey.

Discuss one potential post-operative complication for Mrs Bailey based on Roper and Tierney’s modified ADL’s: Breathing, diet and fluids, elimination, hygiene, mobility, comfort and rest, skin integrity and psychosocial. Include in your discussion the related aetiology of the  complication. (Note you are only discussing one potential post-operative complication that includes all above mentioned ADLs Eg: Breathing difficulty, mobilisation problem, fragile skin)

Develop a care plan (using the care plan template on Blackboard) to address 4  potential complications for Mrs Bailey.

Analyse the role of the physiotherapist in preventing complications and promoting recovery

Highlight the education required for Mrs Bailey prior to discharge to support her recovery at home.

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