401005 Human Relationships And Life Transitions



Julie, aged 2 years and 2 months old, is attending day care two days a week for five hours each day while her mother Victoria works. Victoria is concerned that her daughter is not yet toilet trained during the day or night, especially since she has noticed that other children her daughter’s age seem to have mastered this skill during the day. Julie is speaking in four to five word sentences and communicating her needs well. The Child and Family Health Nurse has reassured Victoria that Julie is meeting all her developmental milestones, and will soon gain continence in her own time. The Nurse has referred Victoria to a mother’s group in her local area to discuss strategies for toilet-training in a relaxed, informal environment.

Essay Topic:

Drawing on relevant nursing and social science literature, and referring to the scenario, write an essay on the following topic:

What are some important aspects of pychosocial development that occur in children between the ages of two and five years (2-5 years), and what influences this development? 

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