1803NRS Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice


Prepare an annotated bibliography and reflection using scholarly literature that:

  1. Focusses on the topic:

    ‘How can Nurses use reflective practice to promote  safe, caring, quality nursing care?’

  2. Complete an annotated bibliography that summarises two different nursing articles (two annotations).
  1. Each of the two annotations needs to consider how the article could be beneficial or not, in promoting  safe, caring, quality nursing care.
  2. In addition, you must write  three reflective evaluation paragraphsunder the heading of each question addressing the following key points below:
    1. What  have you reflectively  learned that you can improve on from reading the 2 articles?       
    2. How could you use reflection in your future to develop critical awareness in your nursing practice?
    3. Describe Reflection on and in practice.
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